Some Things Technology Killed Off Good or Bad for US?

gravestoneToday, we carry smart phones, we no longer need public phones. Encyclopedia salesman was a big thing years ago, but today we have computers, smart phones and tablets to get all the information we need. CD’s and cassettes was big just a few years ago, but now theirs steaming music to there computers, smart phones and tablets. We no longer need to visit the bank to find out how much money we have. Technology does it all for us.

List what Technology Killed Off

01 – Public Phones
02 – CD’s and Cassettes
03 – The Rolodex
04 – Encyclopedias
05 – Classified ads in Newspapers
06 – Disposable Cameras
07 – Yard Sales
08 – Lining up to Pay Bills
09 – Planning Road Trips on Paper Maps
10 – Physical copies of the Yellow Pages
11 – Answering Machines
12 – Faxes
13 – Film Processing
14 – Buying or Reading Newspapers or Books
15 – PDAs

Is technology helping us or hurting us?