Pirated Software, Do Not Download

software_pirateIf you walked into a retail store and picked up software and put it in your pocket, it would be call stealing. But when you download software for free off the Internet, you forget that it is still stealing. Unfortunately there a big different between stealing from a store or downloading the digital version of the same product on your computer, it is still stealing.

To get legitimate software to work without paying for it and having a proper license key, hackers manipulate the software internally. Sometimes you can’t notice a hidden file or spyware program that has been planted within the software to watch your key strokes.

So even if the software works, it will be affecting your computer in some way or another. We have to consider the fact that there might be something contained in this software, maybe a virus.

Your identity can be stolen which is worth far more than free software downloaded. Hackers can sign up for credit cards and spend money like it’s going out of fashion, and all in your name.

When that happens you will never think about downloading pirated software again.