Windows XP Uses You’ve Been Warned!!!

Crosshair XP

For the next eight months Microsoft will be warning Windows XP users to switch your operating system now! Because the lifecycle of Windows XP will only go up to April 8, 2014, that will include both security and non-security hot fixes, free or paid support options an online technical content updates. There are still many Windows XP uses that still won’t change the operating system by April 8, 2014, they rather wait till Windows XP no longer works. Microsoft officials have said to have no plans to extend yet another cutoff date for XP. Windows XP has 37% of computer users out there.

What is the risk of still using Windows XP after the cutoff date? Because now the attackers will have plenty of time to reverse engineer security updates. Once they have identified the vulnerability they will attempt to develop code that will exploit it on XP systems. From now on Windows XP will be vulnerability forever “zero day” There is antivirus software out there to help protect and fix infected computers. The challenge is now you will never know with confidence; you can trust your computer with Windows XP on it without any more monthly updates. As a result, the security features that are built into Windows XP are no longer sufficient to defend against modern threats.

So is time now to either update the operating system or invest in a new Windows 8 computer, is up to you?