Is Dust, Smoke and Pet hair destroying your Computer?

I am computer repair tech working on desktop and laptop for many years, dust, smoke and pet hair plays a key role in many computer problems. Just as people need air to breathe, computers need air to cool down there hot components.

What do computers and laptop hate? Dust, Smoke and Pet hair

dusty-computerDust, smoke and pet hair accumulates in the computer case and in laptop can cause several different issues such as overheating, disrupt airflow, and damage to some components. Overheating is because when dust, smoke and pet hair accumulates on top of heat sink, circuits on the motherboard and power supply and especially in laptop vents. Dust, smoke and pet hair prevents cool air from reaching the components that need to be cooled in order to operate efficiently. If there is enough dust, smoke and pet hair in the computer’s vents it can completely disrupt the airflow needed to keep the parts cool. In a very bad situation dust, smoke and pet hair can completely stop fans from working. When that happens the computer will start to overheat and begin to shutdown in order to prevent damage to the components such as CPU and motherboard. Thermal paste can break down and becomes ineffective.

How can I prevent from overheating computer and laptop?

  • Clean out the dust, smoke and pet hair regularly with a can of air, small leaf blower or small electric blower (not a vacuum cleaner). Usually cleaning once a year will keeps your computer and laptop running. Depending on your situation you may need to clean out your case more often, if you live in an area that’s dusty, if you smoke a lot or have pets with long hair.
  • Keeping your computer off the floor, by putting it on top of a desk, or anywhere away from the floor will help keep dust and pet hair away from the computer.
  • Make sure all PCI slots are covered and the case is closed. Another good way for dust to get in your computer is by PCI slots that have been left open and uncovered after removing a PCI card, or switching around a graphics card. The bigger the hole is the more easier it is for dust to get inside, which is why it is important to cover up any PCI slots or holes in the case that aren’t necessary for proper ventilation.

If you take measures to remove the dust from your computer and laptop on a regular basis, it will not have a chance to build up dust, smoke and pet hair on your computer. You will have extended the life of the computer and laptop to a considerable degree.

Excuses, For Not Back Up Your Data

It’s only a matter of time before your computer crashes, the hard drive fails and all your data, pictures and music is lost forever. This will never happen if you backup your computer with a full image of your hard drive. Data backup is probably something everyone doesn’t think about with regards to computers.

The average person probably just downloads their pictures, videos from their camera without thinking about backup up the files. All your work is stored on the hard drive in your computer, and nowhere else.

Imagine what would happen if you’re hard drive suddenly failed, and the data was no longer retrievable? How would you feel knowing that all your hard work was gone, possible for good? There are many excuses you use not to backup your data. Let’s look at a few excuses.

  • No time to backup my data. Everyone is busy today, and backing up data is not one of the items on your to-do list. There is a lot of backup software out there that can automatically backup your data with free and paid version. There are even 2.5 inch portable hard drives that will automatically backup your data once they are connected with their software. Like Western Digital passport hard drive and the Seagate Goflex are just to the hard drives. Online backup, provide another solution for backing up in the background automatically to the cloud like Carbonite and Mozy. The truth is you don’t need a lot of time or money to backup. 
  • My hard drive won’t crash. Hard drives are sensitive pieces of hardware that contain moving parts. Something as simple as a spike in the electric current from the outside can destroy your hard drive. Your hard drive can also suffer a mechanical breakdown. Don’t think that your hard drive is immune to viruses are another way to lose your data. All hard drives are prone to failure, and most probably do, sometimes they only last months or the last many years. The question is not if the hard drive going to fail but when the hard drive going to fail, so be ready with a backup image.
  • I don’t know how to backup. I agree that not everyone is technical inclined, but backup software today makes it easier than ever to protect your data. All backup software will do a full backup and also incremental backups, just takes a little configuration to set up.asset a few minutes
  • I’m not sure what to backup. Today you make full image backup that makes it very easy to make a backup. Before you would get frustrated trying to decide what folder, file and where they are located of your hard drive. So today with a full image backup there is no guesswork you get the operating system and all your data in one backup, so all you have to do is mount the backup image to retrieve your files and folders you may need.
  • Do I need a lot of storage space? The good news is that hard drives have gotten larger; with a low-cost. You can purchase hard drives in gigabytes and terabytes, which should be more than enough hard, drive space to store your image backup with multiple copies.

There is now no reason not to backup your computer, with the full image backup no guesswork on what to backup, you know now that hard drives will crash but when, and your data may not be safe just in one location. So backing up your computer is a sensible thing to do, will give you peace of mind that your data is safe in multiple areas.

Upgrade to a Faster Computer

Over time, your computers can slow down, and act sluggish can often be attributed to an adequate hardware. There are some steps that you can take to help speed up your computer’s performance when it seems like its running slower than when it was new.

RamFirst step you can do and the cheapest are adding more RAM to the computer. Check to see if you have a 32-bit or 64-bit computer. The 32-bit maximum RAM is 4 GB, the 64-bit maximum RAM is 192 GB on a Windows 7 computer, nobody uses that much on a computer only servers, 8 to 16 GB is fine on the computer upgrading to an 8 gigabytes more RAM is about a hundred dollars. This can give your computer a second wind and is considered a cost-effective investment.

However, since the installation involves messing with the hardware a little, and it’s easy to get confused when choosing between different types of RAM, it’s best to leave the installation to an expert or repair person.

SSDThis next step you can do is upgrade to a solid-state disk (SSD) drives, use non-volatile flash memory. Because there are no actuator arm and read/write head like on a hard disk drive (HDD), they are faster in reading and, in most cases, writing data.

Solid-state disk (SSD) drives, cost about 3x the price of a hard disk drive (HDD), so if price is not an issue sacrificing storage capacity for speed and performance is a good trade-off.

For spending a little bit of money you can increase the performance of your computer and keep the computer for a few more years..