How Did That Get There?

As a computer repair tech working, I often see customers computers with lots of unwanted programs, toolbars on their computer. Because when customers install a program they are not always paying attention to the screen they click next and next again and go right by it.  A lot of free software includes third-party applications to help pay for their free software, that will include browsers, toolbars and changing to their home page. By default it is already checked off by third-party software.

The only way not to install third-party applications is to go slow when clicking next, uncheck all boxes for the third-party applications. The only thing you can do if you did install third-party applications is to uninstall it with a program I use called Revo UnInstaller.

When installing software take your time and make sure your installing it correctly. If not you will have a lot of unwanted toolbars, unwanted browsers and your homepage changed that you did not want.

Here are samples of third-party applications trying to install on you computer:



CCleaner MixiDJ-Toolbar-Software






Foxit ReaderAuslogics Defrag

The Return of the Start Button

Everybody was complaining when Windows 8 came out that there was no start button and start menu. Microsoft has decided to bring back the start button only; a lot of people are still complaining not having the start menu. Microsoft said it will not bring the start menu back, Metro is the new start menu now.

But if you right-click on the start button you will get a lot of features that will help not having the start menu, a lot of features are easy to get to now.

Below is a picture of key features of the right-click start button.

Start Button right click